JEONJU Lab: Feature Length Jury·Mentors (Non-Documentary)
KIM Soonmo
As a member of ATO, he has produced numerous films, including The World of Us (2016), Home (2018), Microhabitat (2018), Saem (2018), More than Family (2020), and Snowball (2021).
OH Taegyeong
She adapted the screenplay of Insadong Scandal (2009) and Secretly Greatly (2012). She wrote the screenplay for Obsessed (2014) and Naver audio movie Reverse (2022). She is currently writing scripts for films and TV dramas.
JEONJU Lab: Feature Length Jury·Mentors (Documentary)
KIM Il-rhan
Kim Il-rhan is a filmmaker based on yPINKS, an association supporting Sexually Minor Cultures & Human Rights. In 2005, she produced the documentary Remember Me This Way, exploring sexual labor in military bases. In 2008, she also directed her second documentary 3×FTM. She directed Two Doors (2012), depicting the Yongsan tragedy, and The Remnants (2017).
A feature documentary SEWOL: Years in the Wind, an anthology film Three Sides to Every Story, and a feature film When We Bloom Again, which she all participated as executive producer, will be screened at the 25th JEONJU IFF in the Special Section, Korean Cinema: 10th Anniversary of Sewol Ferry Disaster.
JEE Hyewon
Her documentary film Mom and Clarinet (2015, KBS) won the Gold Award at the New York TV & Film Festival, the ABU Grand Prize, and was nominated at the Emmy Awards. Her first feature documentary film, Singing with Angry Bird (2016), was invited to 25 different international film festivals, including IDFA and Sheffield DocFest. Coming to You,Minu (2018) was selected as the opening film at the DMZ Docs in 2018, and Home, Away from Home (2021) received the Grand Feature Prize at the Seoul Independent Film Festival 2021.
JEONJU Lab: Short Jury·Mentors
SHIN Changhwan
Shin Changhwan majored in film directing at university and screened his short films at the INDIE FORUM (INDEPENDENT FILM & VIDEO MAKERS' FORUM) in 1998. After working as an Assistant Director for Friend (2001), he received a producer offer from the production company. He produced Marathon (2005), My Father (2007), The Suspect (2013), Phantom Detective (2016), and Hansan: Rising Dragon (2022). He founded Message Film with CJ ENM in 2016 and has been working as a representative until now. Currently, he's producing Sugar starring Choi Ji-woo and Min Jin-woong.
CHOI Jinyoung
She has been making films steadily in Jeonju and visited JEONJU IFF with To Understand My Sister (2008), Half-Day (2016), and Yeonhui-dong (2018). Her feature film The Slug (2020) was screened at the 22nd JEONJU IFF, as well as the 25th Busan International Film Festival and the 46th Seoul Independent Film Festival, and won the Talent Award at the 16th Osaka Asian Film Festival. The Slug was released in April 2022.
JEONJU Cinema Project: Next Edition | International
Dennis LIM
New York Film Festival Artistic Director
Dennis Lim is a New York-based film curator and writer. Currently the Artistic Director of the New York Film Festival, he is the author of Tale of Cinema (2022), a monograph on the filmmaker Hong Sangsoo, and The Man from Another Place (2015), a critical biography of David Lynch that has been translated into three languages. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Artforum, Cinema Scope, and Film Comment. He has taught film studies at Harvard and arts criticism at New York University.
Beli Martínez has a PHD in audio-visual communication from the University of Vigo. Producer at Filmika Galaika, a Galician production company specializing in authorial cinema that produced the latest works by Lois Patiño and Matías Piñeiro, Sycorax (2021), and They Carry Death (2021) by Helena Girón & Samuel M. Delgado, The Bodies (2020) by Eloy Domínguez Serén, Endless Night (2019) by Eloy Enciso, Those that, at a Distance, Resemble Another (2019) by Jessica Sarah Rinland. She combines film production with teaching in the department of audio-visual communication at the University of Vigo.
JEONJU International Film Festival Programmer
Starting with the JEONJU IFF program team in 2004, she has been active in film festivals and documentary industry forums, including Busan International Film Festival, JEONJU Project, and Docs Port Incheon. She had worked at the Korean Film Council as a representative of Latin America since 2013 and founded the Buenos Aires Korean Film Festival in Argentina in 2014. She has been working as a programmer for JEONJU IFF since 2019.
JEONJU Cinema Project: Next Edition | Korean
KIM Cho-hee
Born in 1975 in Busan, South Korea. Kim received a master’s degree in Film Theory at Universite Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne after her undergraduate studies in French Literature. She worked as an independent film producer on over ten films from 2008 to 2015. Kim’s short films have been screened at numerous film festivals. Her debut film Lucky Chan-sil (2020) earned the Grand Prize at the 8th Wildflower Film Awards Korea.
Autumn SONG
STUDIO&NEW Film Div. Director
Autumn Song is currently the director of the Film Division at NEW. She worked at Korea Pictures in 2006 and M&FC in 2008, where she invested in and managed numerous Korean films. She invested, planned, and managed NEW's Korean films, including Hello Ghost (2010), Blind (2011), All About My Wife (2012), The Attorney (2013), Obsessed (2014), Pandora (2016), The Villainess (2017), Swing Kids (2018), Crazy Romance (2019), Honest Candidate (2020), Perhaps Love (2021), Honest Candidate 2 (2022), The Night Owl (2022), and Smugglers (2023). Since 2024, she has overseen the business strategy, planning, and production of new media contents, films and TV dramas.
PARK Tae-joon
JEONJU IFF JEONJU Project Executive Producer
Executive Producer of JEONJU Project and producer&CEO of a production company BIRDY FILM. He had worked at a production company, YONG FILM, and the Producers Guild of Korea(P.G.K) as a vice president. He has produced a feature film The Target (2014). He has also participated in Mother (2009) as a producer and Snowpiercer (2013), The Beauty Inside (2015) as a co-producer. Recently, he released a feature film The Rebound (2023) as showrunner and is working on a new documentary film with French productions. He’s also CEO and Producer at WCNA(World Contents Network Agency).
Work In Progress Jury
Anita LEE
Toronto International Film Festival Chief Programming Officer
Anita Lee, Chief Programming Officer at TIFF, leads their artistic and strategic initiatives. Lee is renowned for producing critically acclaimed films, like Stories We Tell (2012) by Sarah Polley. In 1997, she founded the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival. She has earned numerous awards: two Peabody Awards, three Canadian Screen Awards, and a 2023 Oscar nomination for Best Feature Documentary for To Kill a Tiger. Lee joined the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences in 2016.
STUDIO&NEW Contents Business Div.2 Head of Development Team, Producer
Starting in 2006, she began her career in international sales of Korean films and the acquisition of foreign films. After serving as a manager at the International Business Team of Barunson Film, she joined YONG FILM in 2013. There, she led the Development & Marketing Department, overseeing the development, investment, marketing, and international affairs for over 10 feature films, including The Beauty Inside (2015), The Handmaiden (2016), Luck-Key (2016), Believer (2018), The Call (2020), and My Name is Loh Kiwan (2024). Since 2022, she has been leading the Development Team of Contents Division2 at STUDIO&NEW, a subsidiary of NEW and the production company of the Disney+ series Moving (2023). Currently, she is actively engaged in the development of diverse films and series while maintaining a strong focus on discovering emerging writers and directors.
Freelance Film Programmer
Gerwin Tamsma worked with IFFR from 1996 until 2023 in senior programming positions. Over the years he has conceived and developed many of the festival’s returning programmes, as well as various thematic programmes and retrospectives. He served on IFFR’s Hubert Bals Fund selection committee, and was advisor to Netherlands Film Fund and Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. Currently he is working as a freelance programmer, writer and consultant.
Work In Progress Advisor | International
Roberto CUETO
San Sebastian International Film Festival Programmer
He is member of the San Sebastian Festival Selection Committee, and professor at Carlos III University in Madrid. He was formerly coordinator of the Cinemateca programme at Matadero cultural centre. As well as numerous articles, he coordinated the special volume on New Korean Cinema for the magazine Nosferatu and contributed to the publication Seoul Express: The Renovation of Korean Cinema. He was the advisor and editor of Korean Cinema-Arco as part of the ARCO Contemporary Art Fair 2007, and was named Korean Culture Supporter 2016 by the Korean Cultural Centre in Spain.
Locarno International Film Festival Selection Committee
He is a film director, producer and programmer. He graduated directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade. His short films have been selected in many international festivals such Cannes, Rotterdam, FIDMarseille, San Sebastian, Visions du Réel and Torino. He is the producer of the feature The Load (2018) by Ognjen Glavonić, premiered at the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes, and a co-producer of You Have the Night (2018) by Ivan Salatić and Have You Seen This Woman? (2022) by Dušan Zorić and Matija Gluščević, both premiered at the Critics' Week of the Venice International Film Festival. He is a member of the selection committee of the Locarno Film Festival and a member of the European Film Academy.
Melbourne International Film Festival Programmer
Mia Falstein-Rush is a film programmer who currently lives and works in Naarm (Melbourne, Australia). Immersed in the Australian film scene for over a decade, she spearheaded Seen & Heard Melbourne at ACMI, a film festival dedicated to screening the works of women and non-binary filmmakers. Mia has since lent her experience to other film organizations across the east coast of Australia, including Sydney Film Festival, and is currently appointed Program Manager for the Melbourne International Film Festival.
Work In Progress Advisor | Korean
KANG Kimyung
Kang Kimyung is the CEO of Triple Pictures. She is responsible for the distribution, investment, and marketing of more than 50 films, including Drive My Car, Beauty Water, Nailed, Cassiopeia, and Greenhouse. She invested in and distributed The Roundup,Anarchist from Colony, Forgotten, and Little Forest at Megabox Plus M. She was in charge of Movie Collage, CJ CGV's brand specializing independent and arthouse films. Additionally, she founded LOCA, an academy specializing in film business. She has distributed films such as Let the Right One In (Sweden) and Taking Woodstock as a representative of the film company Guan, and served as a programmer and head of public relations at Joongang Cinema.
KIM Okyoung
Storyon Pictures CEO
Starting as a documentary writer, Kim Okyoung has been involved in planning, writing, and producing across both television and film for about 40 years. She served as an adjunct professor in the Department of Broadcasting and Visual Communication at Seoul Women's University and the School of Film, TV & Multimedia at the Korea National University of Arts. Since 2010, she has established the documentary production company Storyon and has been directly producing broadcast documentaries and documentary films. She has participated in documentary mentorships on several programs, received numerous awards, and has been honored with the Order of Cultural Merit. Her documentary work includes Crossing Beyond(2018), the official documentary for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. She also produced VOICES and co-produced Evaporation(2019). She also wrote the book The Art of Documentary (2020).
SONG Daechan
Although he did not major in film, he loved movies so much that he decided to become the Korean Jerome Bruckheimer or Joel Silver. He began his career in production and made his debut as a producer with Haunters (2010). After working briefly at KANGJEGYU FILM and Bom Film Production, he co-founded Zip Cinema and worked there for 17 years. Among his major works are Haunters, Cold Eyes (2013), The Priests (2015), Golden Slumber (2018), and Broker (2022). He also founded a film production company called TAKE in 2016, which produced and released Stone Skipping (2020) and The Box (2021). He served as a producer for director Choo Chin-woo and Kim Eui-sung’s film Candlelight Revolution (2022) and is now preparing for the release of A Man of Reason, Jung Woo-sung’s directorial debut.
In 2023, A Man of Reason, which he also served as a producer, was released, and this year, The Guest will be released.
JUNG Taewon
JINJIN Pictures General Manager, Business Strategy Plan & Distribution
After working for a cinema operation manager, Jung turned his career into film distribution at Dongsoong Art Center in 2006. In the same year, he joined JINJIN Pictures and is currently working for distribution and acquisition of arthouse & independent films.
HA Sinae
VODA Media Group Producer
She participated as a producer and co-director on Here Comes Uncle Joe (2013), which was co-produced with foreign broadcasters such as NHK, NRK, and ITVS, and also worked as a producer on Reach for the SKY (2015) and 1989 Berlin, Seoul Now (2021) with a Belgian film company. Currently, she is directing The Primate Citizen, the creative documentary.
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